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Traci + Wyatt's Maui Jungle Vibe Honeymoon Photos

Honeymoon photoshoots are so sweet! Traci and Wyatt got married in Wisconsin, in the Wisconsin Dells no less. Being from Wisconsin myself I already knew this is the water park capitol of the world. When I brought it up at the shoot, they told me that they even went down a water slide in their wedding clothes!

Our shoot on Maui was no less fun. Enjoy!

And then they filled me in on a surprise! This Maui honeymoon shoot turned into a Maternity session!! Yay! (I seriously get so excited for my clients and their lives!)

So of course we did a mini maternity session too:

Want to plan your own photoshoot while in Hawaii? Reach out today and let me know what your dream photo session looks like.

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