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My name is Lauren and I am an adventure wedding and elopement photographer based in Hawaii.

I have a passion for adventure and capturing authentic, natural moments which is why I specialize in elopements. There is something so special about a couple choosing to exchange their vows in an intimate setting, surrounded by only their closest friends and family. It is my privilege to capture these unforgettable moments and tell the story of your day.


want your wedding experience to be easygoing and intimate. My aim is to remove as much of the stress from your wedding planning experience as possible. I've made a reputation for myself making your dream photos come alive. So describe to me the elopement of your dreams and then let me do the stressing about permits, poses and everything else.

My style is a mix of fine art and photojournalism, with an emphasis on capturing real emotions and genuine interactions. I believe that a wedding day should be a reflection of the couple and their unique love story, and by goal is to capture the beautiful details, spontaneous moments, and authentic emotions that make your day truly special.

When I am not behind the lens you can find me exploring the mountains of Colorado or the beaches of Hawaii, always in search of the next great adventure. I am always open to new ideas and destinations, so don't hesitate to reach out of you have a dream elopement in mind!

Thank you for considering me as your elopement photographer. I can't wait to hear about your plans and how I can be a part of your special day!

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life is full of questions

Where are you based? Will you travel?

I live on Oahu! After spending 6 beautiful years on Maui, in 2023 I moved to Kailua, Oahu!

I still love any excuse to island hop though. There's never any extra charge for whatever Hawaiian Island you decide to get married on. I'd be happy to come to you!

I want to make it an easy and fair experience for you so reach out and get a quote. Once I accept your wedding the price will never change. There will never be any hidden fees.


What if it rains?

Nothing is going to get in the way of making your day special. Attitude is everything (and I've got umbrellas).


That being said in cases where reschedule is an option I always try to make it work.

What kind of equipment do you use?

My gear includes professional-grade canon bodies, a variety of lenses + external lighting equipment. 

Ask me to bring my poloroids for your guest book so you don't have to buy your own!!

I also have an underwater housing I am always looking to use +  a drone I like to play with + a whole slue of film cameras of different formats - including medium and large!

How do we include out family?

Adventure elopements aren't about running off and excluding everyone, they're about crafting a wedding experience that's tailored to whatever you invision.

You could even say that elopements focus more on the importance of family than traditional weddings because they actually establish the foundations for your marriage surrounded by your most important people.. whoever that may be.


So invite who you want to and make the day about you, and not about traditions that mean nothing to you.

How long does it take until we recieve our photos?

For wedding photography, all of my packages include a sneak peak within the first week.


After that the total turn around time takes 4 - 6weeks.

All portrait sessions have a 3 week turn around time.

What if I feel awkward getting my picture taken?

I understand that many beautiful photographs happen naturally, and that many do not.. I've got a whole slue of candid posing techniques to trick you into looking like a model.. if you need them.

Can I bring my dog? Or multiple outfits?

If you want to bring your new puppy, your grandma, or as many other outfits or props as you physically can, I am so down.


Let's make these pictures personal, and sometimes that requires some extra effort. Which I'm here for.

What's your approach to leave no trace?

We are so lucky to be able to use these gorgeous public lands as the backdrop for your elopement, it's also our responsibility to take care of the land and leave it unmarked so that you can visit it again in 10, 20, 50 years and the land will look the same then as it did when you said your vows. 

The practices we follow are "Leave No Trace" certified and serve this vision.

Do you shoot proposals?

Yes! I LOVE proposals, the energy is always so exciting. All the planning and scheming is so romantic.


Let's go!  Let me know what you're thinking.

How many hours of coverage will we need?

Every single wedding is so unique in styling + timing, therefore the amount of coverage that you need may vary from someone else’s needs - that is why I offer three collections with different hourly coverage. But by no means do I expect this to cover everyone's needs.  I would be happy to design a custom package for you.

If you want a custom package or have any questions about how much time you think you need, let’s chat!

How do we pick a location?

Location should be picked considering the time of day you want to elope and the feel you want for your wedding.  Are you imagining a short hike, a sunrise summit or a beach front ceremony? It can be as relaxed or adventurous as you want.  

Where do you see yourself exchanging vows and celebrating your first moments as newlyweds? Can you picture the two of you there again years later reminiscing those first exciting moments?

What's the next step? How do I book?

Spend some time exploring and decide if we are a good fit for each other. Then say hello! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and I'll ask some simple questions of my own.


If this all feels right to everyone we will all sign a contract and the link to pay the retainer fee will be included with the contract.


Once the retainer fee is paid and the contract is signed the date is officially yours and no one else can have it *happy dance*


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