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My Top 4 Engagement Photo Locations on Oahu

Updated: May 14

  1. Windward Oahu Beaches

  2. Makapuu Beach Park

  3. Waikiki Beach

  4. Waterfalls

Are you considering engagement photos while you're visiting Oahu, Hawaii? With the biggest airport in the state, Honolulu International Airport, Oahu is a great option for your Hawaii Island engagement photos. This island really has the best of everything!! Waikiki is the epitome of a tropical urban environment and the east side has the most beautiful beaches.

As an elopement photographer in Hawaii, I am excited to share with you some of the most picturesque locations that will make your elopement experience (and photographs) truly memorable. From stunning volcanic mountain vistas to serene slow flowing rivers, Oahu offers a wealth of options to choose from.

In this blog post, we will explore my top 4 best locations for engagement photography on the island of Oahu starting with one you might not have heard of, Kahana Bay Beach. Consider this your ultimate guide:

Kahana Bay Beach

Kahana Bay Beach is surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation and mountains, which make a stunning backdrop for photos.

The beach is more secluded compared to some other popular beaches on Oahu. This can provide a more intimate setting for engagement photos, allowing couples to capture candid and personal moments without distractions.

The beach is less developed compared to some other tourist-heavy locations, providing a more natural and unspoiled feel.

Makapuu Beach Park

The combination of the vast ocean, rugged cliffs, and distant islands can create a unique and breathtaking backdrop for engagement photos.

The Makapu'u Lighthouse, sitting on a volcanic hillside overlooking the beach, adds a unique an element to photos.

The beach features interesting lava rock formations as well as a beautiful white sand beach, so you can have both! The contrast between the lava rock and the sand is truly romantic.

Makapu'u Beach Park is easily accessible, with a paved trail leading to the beach and viewpoints. This makes it convenient for couples to get breathtaking views without extensive hiking. It's worth pointing out that Makapu'u Beach is known for its breathtaking sunrise views. Couples who wake up early get great photos!

Waikiki Beach While it may not be as secluded as some other locations, Waikiki Beach has its own appeal for engagement photos.

Waikiki is known for its iconic backdrop of Diamond Head, a volcanic crater, and the Honolulu cityscape.

It's versatile and accessible. There are various points of interest within a relatively compact area. This accessibility makes it convenient for couples and photographers to explore different settings without extensive travel.

Waterfall / Jungle

Imagine a 150-foot waterfall surrounded and lush vegetation everywhere.

The trails to the waterfalls usually takes you through a lush and tropical rainforest.

While the trail can attract visitors, it generally offers a more private and secluded setting compared to some popular beaches. This privacy can allow couples to feel more relaxed and natural during their photoshoot.

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