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The Perfect Engagement Photoshoot Checklist for Couples in Hawaii

Planning an engagement photoshoot while you're in Hawaii? Sounds like a great idea! The lush greenery, turquoise waters, and golden sunsets of Hawaii provide the perfect backdrop for capturing your love.

Here's a list to help you plan stress free engagement photos:

  1. Choose a location

  2. Set the date and time

  3. Decide on Outfits

  4. Get your nails done

  5. Clean your ring

  6. Bring comfortable shoes

  7. Plan your wardrobe change

  8. Pack what your need for the shoot

  9. Bring a change of clothes for after!

Choose a location - it sets the stage for your love story

Hawaii has so many breathtaking locations. From the iconic beaches of Waikiki to the lush greenery of the volcanic mountains, choosing the right backdrop sets the stage for an unforgettable photoshoot. Consider exploring less crowded spots for a more intimate and personal experience.

Set the date and time - get your photographers help on this one! Consider sunrise or sunset for magical lighting, and be flexible with dates to capture the best conditions. Have a backup plan in case of unexpected changes, ensuring you can make the most of your time in this tropical paradise.

Decide on Outfits - pick a color palette and keep it simple and comfortable

The key to a visually stunning engagement photoshoot lies in the wardrobe. Opt for tropical chic attire that complements the vibrant surroundings. Flowy dresses, linen shirts, and floral patterns are great choices. Coordinating outfits without being overly matching is key. Don't forget to bring a backup outfit for added versatility.

When deciding on hair and makeup, I recommend embracing the natural beauty of Hawaii with light makeup. Consider the humidity to ensure your look stays fresh throughout the photoshoot AKA use hairspray!!

Get your nails and/or makeup done -

or do them yourself but they will be in the close up pictures of the ring!

Clean your ring - don't skip this step!

There will be pictures of it and you want it looking it's best!

Bring comfortable shoes - we might have to climb over lava rock and that might be difficult in heels

I'm not saying don't bring the heels, you just might not want to wear them the whole time! Also worth mentioning that heels aren't going to work in the sand.


Enhance the appeal of your shoot by incorporating Hawaiian elements as props. Whether it's colorful leis, tiki torches, or a surfboard, these additions add depth to your photos. Bring along sentimental items for a personal touch. You could consider wearing a family item such as your grandmothers earrings.

Pack what your need for the shoot -

Include anything you may need for a mid shoot touch up, water and snacks too!

Start a list in your phone of things you can bring, or a box that you can add items to as you think of them.

Bring a change of clothes for after -

bring some dry clothes and a towel just incase we get in the water!

With careful planning and consideration of the elements that make Hawaii special, you can create a love story that transcends time. From the iconic locations to the choice of wardrobe, may your engagement photoshoot be a reflection of the beauty that surrounds you, capturing your love against the backdrop of Hawaii's enchanting landscape.

Still don't know where you want to do your photos?

Ready to hire a photographer? Send me a message today!

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