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Are You Prepared For Your Elopement Photography?

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Your wedding day is a magical moment in your life, a day filled with love, joy, and memories.

To ensure these beautiful moments are captured and preserved, hiring a professional wedding photographer is a crucial decision. And we all know professional photographers aren't cheap. So why not be as prepared as possible?

Being prepared for your wedding photographer can significantly enhance the quality of your final photos!

In this blog post, we've come up with 40 tips so that you can be as prepared as possible for your wedding photography.

Before the Wedding:

1. Trust your photographer.

2. Consider scheduling an engagement photo session to get comfortable in front of the camera/ get to know your photographer.

3. Communicate your photography preferences and style with your photographer.

4. Consider a "first look" photo session before the ceremony. **Especially if you're not going to ask your guests for an "unplugged" ceremony.

5. Create a wedding day timeline to ensure ample time for photos.

6. Choose a location with beautiful natural light for getting ready shots.

7. Keep your wedding attire and accessories neatly organized.

8. Make sure the ceremony location has a clean, uncluttered background.

9. Plan a photogenic ceremony backdrop, and make sure the lighting is even during your ceremony time.

10. Coordinate with your photographer for special shots like lay flats, ring and bouquet photos.

11. Ensure your vows and speeches are well-lit for photos.

During the Wedding:

12. Relax and be yourselves in front of the camera.

13. Focus on each other during the first look moment.

14. Exchange personal notes or gifts to capture genuine emotions.

15. Smile and make eye contact during the ceremony.

16. Be patient during group photos, and follow the photographer's directions.

17. Steal moments alone together for candid photos.

18. Show affection and enjoy the celebration with your guests.

19. Don't worry about the weather; embrace it for unique shots.

20. Be open to creative and fun photo ideas, again trust your photographer when they give you a photo prompt.

Family and Friends:

21. Have an official timeline and inform your close friends and family about the photography timeline.

22. Have a point person to assist the photographer in gathering guests for group shots. Assign someone who knows most of the people already.

23. Encourage guests to share their candid photos on social media with a pre-made sign with instructions on how/where to tag.

24. Provide a list of essential group photos to the photographer.

25. Consider having a "phone free" ceremony so that your photographer can capture your s/o's face as you walk down the aisle.

Details and Decor:

26. Pay attention to details like table settings, flowers, and decorations.

27. Decorate any table with wedding favors and/or guestbook.

28. Highlight personal and cultural touches in your decor.

29. Consider a styled photoshoot of the wedding attire and accessories.

30. Give your photographer time to take photos of the ceremony space before guests arrive.

31. Hold your first kiss a little longer than usual.

32. Prompt your officiant to step out of the way during your first kiss.

33. Consider having a cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, or other photo opportunities.

34. Consider adding decorations to the dessert table and food tables, and anywhere your guest will be.

Golden Hour and Sunset:

35. Schedule time for golden hour and sunset photos.

36 Consider sparklers or something else that lights up to take photos of at night! *always make sure sparklers are legal where you are.

37. Blue hour is beautiful too.

After the Wedding:

38. Create a beautiful wedding album to preserve your memories.

39. Frame your favorite photos for your home.

40. Use your wedding photos for thank-you cards.

"It's all in the process!"

The process of planning your dream photos, choosing the perfect locations, and understanding the unique nuances of your love story and style can make all the difference.

It's a journey that takes you from the early stages of anticipation to the post-wedding reflections.

And for those who would like a little guidance, hire Lauren Wylie Photography, who can transform your dreams into reality.

Lauren's expertise and creative vision can guide you through the entire elopement planning process, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Having Lauren by your side is the perfect way to ensure that your wedding photography is an unforgettable and magical experience.

Need help with making your timeline? Check out the blog post "How To Plan An Elopement : Creating The Perfect Timeline"

Need help with Marriage Licenses? Figuring out your destination elopement marriage licenses doesn't have to be stressful! Contact Lauren!

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